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The kinetic pieces forming the Modulando collection (Cerchio nel cerchio, Rettangolo Aureo, Alghe and OM), which were patented more than 15 years ago, are the result of Elisabetta Fontana’s meticulous research into shapes and materials and represent a new way of designing jewellery, not only in terms of their aesthetics but also of becoming an interactive and playful element for whoever is wearing the jewellery.

Eager to experiment with new materials, the artist has visited several companies in person on the search of non-ferrous metals – drawn metals and industrial bars in bronze and steel – which she fell in love with at first sight.

An expert in traditional techniques which she learned from her parents who collected and sold antique jewellery, Elisabetta Fontana combines artisan skill with industrial processes.

Using impernatura and joints instead of traditional casting, the artist manages to create dynamic pieces – which are mobile and rotary – thanks to assembling modular geometrical components. The dynamism she creates is continued by whoever is wearing the piece, rendering it kinetic.

Circles, rectangles and squares are all combined to form perfect geometrical shapes as a result of their symbolic value. Cerchio nel cerchio meaning circles within circles – are concentric circles clearly representing universal harmony and a shield against negativity .

The physical structure merges with the metaphysical-symbolic structure of the shape.

Inspired by the golden ratio and Bauhaus techniques, Elisabetta Fontana creates evolving pieces of jewellery which can be transformed from rings to pendants through to broaches.

The collection is elegant yet modern given their simplicity, geometrical shapes and abstract form, based on a combination of applied art and architecture to create wearable jewellery.

The Modulando collection by Elisabetta Fontana represents a seamless manipulation of changing geometrical shapes, analytical research into materials and a symbolic and playful value that goes beyond a mere object.